we have a G400 despite having a full tank of diesel when the indicator in car shows approx half a tank the engine stops running does any member have any idea what is causing this problem

Service and repairs G55

Hello, I recently brought my beloved G55 from Norway to the uk, it requires a major service and some repairs for rust and engine mounts. Could someone please recommend a good place to take the car near Surrey or London? Not MB World please!!!


Can anyone please clarify exactly when the G500 had the interior Dashboard layout on the 463. Was it in 1999 or 2000.  Is, looking to PX my 463 300GD for a 2000 model G500 Grand Edition and the layout is very similar to my 1992 model 463. 

G500 sleeping platform

I tried to aquire a cargo/sleeping platform for the G500 and could not get any change from £1000 from MB. I did see some really good unique designer platforms, but they just seemed to take the multi function remit a little too far.

Spare Wheel Carrier

I have recently purchased an additional Long Wheel base 1991 model G-Wagon to join my 1987 280GE but for some reason the spare wheel and bracket have been removed and the fixing holes filled and sprayed???. I have purchased, through my local Mercedes dealer the appropriate fixing bracket which is triangular in shape for this model, with a short tube (offset) attached and three bolts welded onto the plate to take I assume the locking nuts that hold the spare wheel in situ.

G Wagon 560 conversion gearing issues...

Hi all,

does anybody know  of any solutions to the gearing problems with the  560 V8 Conversion?

turbo conversion

Hi guys New member and 1st blog. My g is a w463 of 1993 vintage with the 6 cylinder diesel engine. Although it's much faster than the 5 cylinder engine I've had before I would like to fit a turbo. Can anyone help with this. Where can I find the bits how much extra hp can I get and what will it cost Cheers peter

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